RVA Hackathon: Get ready to make something

Originally published June 18, 2013 on RVAnews.com

Developers, coders, designers, builders, makers, and doers alike will come together at Black Iris this Saturday, June 22nd for a marathon day of intense creation.

RVA Hackathon 2013 is a 12-hour development contest that allows participants to delve into projects with others from around the city. Hackathoners will have time to tackle ideas and mold them into actual prototypes, with zero restrictions on platform or language. Participants can work alone or as a team.

Last year’s contest saw a variety of apps, including Twitter-controlled mini printers and a Pac-Man clone. This year’s production time has been cut in half to encourage developers to find an idea early on and work harder in the time they’re given, said Jeff Rock, cofounder of Mobelux, RVA Hackathon’s organizer.

“Last year it was the first time we ever did it, and we didn’t know if anyone would show up…this year what we notice is that people really want to sit down and make things,” Rock said.

To counter any fatigue during this year’s 12-hour event, participants will be fed breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and unlimited coffee from Lamplighter Roasting Company. They’ll also receive a laser-etched mason jar commemorating the event, courtesy of Big Secret.

The contest will run from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM Saturday, and registration is $25 from now until the event.

RVA Hackathon debuted last year as a way to engage and foster the development community, Rock said. “We’ve really got to foster this community; I think without smart developers thinking Richmond is a good place to come work and to come live we’re going to get passed by.”

“There [are] few things that are more creative than development. It’s critical thinking, problem solving, patience…We want to work with the people who are already in town and show them…the things they can make.”

The RVAHackathon 2013′s sponsors include snagajob.com, Grid, GitHub, and Black Iris, and is presented by Mobelux.

— ∮∮∮ —

Looking for a few team members for Saturday’s event? Interested participants aremeeting up at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery on Thursday at 7:00 PM to network with fellow hackers before Saturday’s contest.


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